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Illustrator & Designer

Hello. I’m William, a curious illustrator and designer from Sydney, Australia.


My illustration style can be whimsical and humorous – or minimal and organised. My signature colour palette is inspired by tritanopia; blue-yellow colour-blindness. Don't worry though, I’m not colourblind.

By day I’m a designer & illustrator at Chello, where I’ve designed for Australia's Own, Stockland and Forum Group.

As Chello’s resident storyboard artist and illustrator, I’ve also worked on animations for Australia Catholic University, Volkswagen and the Federal Government.

By night you’ll find me designing or illustrating for projects, like Transport for NSW campaigns, recording time-lapse videos of my work for Sony, or painting for shows and commissions.




2017 – Rough Cut, Cool Mac Cafe, Sydney (AUS).

2016 – Misc on A4, Slingshot Gallery, Brisbane (AUS).

2014 – Conflict, The Tate, Sydney (AUS).




2018 – 12×12, The Stockroom, Melbourne (AUS)

2018 – Lousy Show, BSIDE Gallery, Melbourne (AUS)

2018 – GLBTT, Lucky Surf & Supply, Central Coast (AUS)

2017 – A Better View, ABV Gallery, Atlanta (US)

2016 – Bring a Plate, The Stockroom, Melbourne (AUS)

2016 – Web of Creators, Usual Cafe, Sydney (AUS)

2016 – Chambers, Art Whino, National Harbour (US)

2016 – Breakthrough Art Festival, Ambush Gallery, Sydney (AUS)

2016 – Late Greats, Good Space, Sydney (AUS)

2016 – Broken Dreams, Wild Things Gallery, Sydney (AUS).

2016 – F(L)IGHT, Hamilton House Gallery, Bristol (UK)

2016 – Destroy & Create, Art Whino, National Harbour (US)

2015 – 12×12, The Stockroom, Melbourne (AUS)

2015 – Good & Evil, The Lock-Up, Newcastle (AUS)

2015 – Tarantino, The Fox Hole, Sydney (AUS)

2015 – I Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter, The Grid, Toowoomba (AUS)

2015 – We’re All DOOMed!, Art Whino, National Harbour (US)

2015 – Anything Goes, The Graff Caff, Sydney (AUS)

2015 – Stupid Krap! Showcase, Blank Space, Sydney (AUS)

2014 – Cherry Blossom, Art Whino, National Harbour (US)

2014 – Expanding Painting, COFA Space, Sydney (AUS)

2013 – Kudos Awards, Kudos Gallery, Sydney (AUS)

2013 – G40 Art Summit, Art Whino, National Harbour (US)




2016 – Sunday Walls, The Lord Gladstone, Sydney (AUS).

2015 – Roller Door Collab, The Commune, Sydney (AUS).

2015 – The Paint Yard (VIVID), Central Park, Sydney (AUS).

2015 – Block by Block, Belmont, Newcastle (AUS).

2014 – COFA Mural Project, UNSW Art & Design, Sydney (AUS).